Kevin Fallows

Kevin Fallows

How to generate an extra £30,000 a year without disturbing your Head of Fundraising.

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Charity Finance Directors – at a time when targets are being set and fundraisers are working hard to raise money for beneficiaries and you are working hard to recover cash reserves lost over the past few years, isn’t it a good idea to look everywhere for additional revenue? Even if you don’t think there’s a few bob down the back of the sofa, it’s worth a look.

Most charities will have already looked at finding efficiencies in their cost of operation to reduce spend and increase cash reserves but with 30 years of experience and a 99% success rate negotiating worthwhile, sustainable overheads for businesses and charity clients, I can safely advise that your charity is still leaking hard-earned cash by unknowingly overpaying suppliers for general running costs and services.

I’ve worked with charities for many years such as Childline, Terrence Higgins Trust, Diabetes UK and the Royal College of Physicians, and I appreciate the challenges of fundraising in the current climate and the pressures this can place on finance and fundraising directors. But by negotiating better value deals with their suppliers, I have been able to help charities directly add to their bottom line and supplement their fundraising income.

The impact that just £1,000 can have on a charity obviously varies but generally this relatively small amount can make a tangible difference to any beneficiaries, and when added to any other small fundraising donations raised from jumble sales, sponsored walks, dodgy moustaches and the like, it can add up and contribute to meaningful impact.

When I review a client’s overhead costs, the Finance Directors I work for are usually confident that their admin staff are getting best value from their suppliers. But the savings I negotiate for organisations are always significantly more than £1,000.

To give you an idea of ongoing annual savings I have identified and negotiated for clients over the past few years, have a look at these overhead categories:

MOBILES – 51.7% ave. annual savings
TELECOMS – 60.1% ave. annual savings
STORAGE – 50.5% ave. annual savings
WATER COOLERS – 39% annual savings
STAFF GIFT VOUCHERS – 4% annual savings
GLA & GIP INSURANCE – 8% annual savings
OVERNIGHT COURIERS – 39.6% ave. annual savings
POSTAGE – 31.4% ave. annual savings
CLEANING – 16% annual savings
MINICABS – 22% annual savings
MOTORBIKES – 29% annual savings
STATIONERY – 18% ave. annual savings
SHREDDING – 40% ave. annual savings



If you feel that you don’t have the time or internal staff resources to forensically audit for these cash leaks, maybe I can help. I work off-site on a no savings, no charge guarantee. There are no up-front fees and you pay me a minor percentage after the savings are achieved, which makes me self-funding.

If you would like to explore how my service at Watermill Lane Associates can add value to your charity without any additional cost to you, please get in touch for an exploratory chat.

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