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We have a proud 99% savings success record over our 30 year history and have saved millions of pounds helping numerous businesses and charity clients of all sizes with sustainable and relevant service-led pricing solutions.


“Watermill Lane Associates came to us with excellent references and we are more than happy to add to them”

We used Kevin Fallows to undertake a number of cost reviews for us and we were pleased with the results from this and the savings achieved. It certainly shows that having focussed time spent on some of these areas can yield results. I would recommend that companies at least have a chat with Kevin, especially as the only cost is a share of savings made.

CFO, Stirling Ackroyd

As you know I was sceptical about whether you would be able to show us that we were missing out on potential cost reductions. I have admired your diligence and tenacity in dealing with several of our suppliers which has resulted in substantial savings.

Finance & Operations Director, Salt Recruitment

Watermill Lane Associates worked very hard on the Trust’s behalf with the suppliers and produced some worthwhile savings. I would not hesitate in recommending Watermill Lane and in particular Kevin Fallows for cost reduction work.

Director of Finance and Administration, Terrence Higgins Trust

Thanks for the status report. The total bottom line savings taking all the areas into account are quite a surprise to me, well done and thanks.

Head of Finance, Fjord

When you first offered your services to me I was sceptical about what you could achieve. Having looked through our overheads you have achieved excellent cost savings beyond my expectations and confirmed in other areas that we are buying competitively. Importantly your recommendations were within brief, relevant and ensured continuity of service and product quality.

Finance Director, Landor

I felt at the outset that it was unlikely we would make any significant savings and I was concerned about staff time and disruption. In neither case were my fears well founded. I have no doubt that the small amount of time spent briefing you have borne very considerable results.

Executive Director, Muscular Dystrophy Group

Thanks very much for all your hard work on this and the other overhead areas; it’s going to save us a lot of time and money

Office Manager, Childline

You did a thorough and diligent job to reduce all costs within your scope of work. Exposure did not suffer from any decrease in service from vendors as a result of the cost reduction exercise. In fact in many cases the cost went down and the service levels improved. An excellent job.

Chief Financial Officer, Exposure

I have found Kevin’s working methods to be time saving, pragmatic, stress free and very positive. I would whole heartedly recommend Kevin Fallows at Watermill Lane to any company looking to go through the same process

Office Manager, Simon & Schuster

I would recommend Kevin to anybody looking to make savings. He worked tirelessly to ensure either our existing providers reviewed their tariffs against the market or found alternative suppliers who offered better deals with improved terms and conditions

IT Director, Sheppard Robson

We are more than happy with the service you have provided. Not only have you saved in excess of 30% on each of the two overhead areas you have been contracted to review, you have saved me personally a huge amount of time.

Administration Assistant, Time Out

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done for us over the past year. The system initiatives you have proposed and the research and negotiations you have carried out on our behalf have saved us a great deal of time and effort and with ongoing savings it has certainly been a very worthwhile exercise.

Office Manager, Odgers Berndtson

The analysis and communication of information was first class and very clear which alongside effective internal stakeholder management enabled the business to make fully informed decisions about which supplier to approve.

Finance Director, Bauer Media

In a short space of time dramatic savings were identified. We highly recommend Kevin and his services to any employer tasked with cost cutting and budgetary controls

Managing Director, Twin Group

To date Kevin has been extremely successful on our behalf reducing the price we pay across a number of incumbent suppliers, as well as introducing us to new suppliers through which we have been able to make substantial savings without compromising quality of service.

Office Manager, Fox Williams

The professional approach and the efficient way you went about your project has meant we have maintained a good working relationship with our suppliers while achieving good cost savings. We would definitely recommend you to other WPP companies.

Finance Director, The Partners

I would urge any company considering this process to take advantage of your expertise without delay – certainly we have made some significant savings, particularly in areas where it would be very difficult to achieve these savings without having a large department with the resources and expertise to negotiate at this level

CEO, Humberts Leisure

I’m delighted with your summary of charges made to date, which equates to approx. £45,000 pa. Fixnetix has been growing fast over the past five years or so and, given that everyone internally is running around busy, these savings would not have been made without your help. I’m very happy with the approach you took which seemed to require minimum involvement from our staff and yet proved very effective.

Finance Director, Fixnetix

Throughout our dealings with Kevin he has been keen to focus on quality and to ensure that any replacement services are provided at the same level of quality. Watermill Lane came to us with excellent references and we are more than happy to add to them

Managing Director, Regent Language Training

Throughout our association, Kevin has provided a highly professional, efficient and effective service and most importantly, delivered what he promised to deliver.

Finance Director, Pringle Brandon

Many thanks for your help on gaining savings for us

Director of Finance, Jazz FM

To date WLA have been extremely successful in reducing our costs across a number of key categories. Their approach was extremely professional and at all times they were mindful of maintaining the level of quality and service from the suppliers as well as reducing costs.

Finance Director, Bauer Media

Throughout we have found your approach to be both professional and friendly and we would not hesitate to recommend your organization to others seeking to reduce their cost base.

Finance Director, Macdonald & Company

Kevin’s approach is methodical and his attention to detail and knowledge of invoice line items across all categories is excellent and he has identified overcharges that we would not have done without his assistance. I would not hesitate to recommend WLA to other organisations looking to achieve immediate and ongoing savings and efficiencies.

Head of Procurement, Royal College of Physicians

I am pleased to confirm that we are delighted with the cost savings. We have found your approach to be both professional and determined and are pleased with your continued involvement in attempting to deliver further savings in these challenging times

Regional Director, Lambert Smith Hampton

I would like to thank you for the assistance that you gave us reviewing our cost base, giving recommendations and implementing a number of cost saving measures. I found your working methods both diligent and professional throughout.

CFO, Opta Sports Data

We have used Watermill Lane Associates twice in the last few years. On each occasion Kevin has saved us significant amounts of money upon reviewing our purchasing of what might ordinarily be considered minor items. The reason that we have used Watermill Lane is because Kevin always delivers and is really pleasant to work with.

Chief Financial Officer, Carluccio’s

I have monitored, with interest and satisfaction, the savings you have negotiated. You have exposed our naivety for not robustly challenging prices given to us by suppliers of products and services. In this context, your patience in working with our staff to achieve change has been appreciated.

Partner, Finance Director, Redburn Partners

Thanks very much for your impressive savings report and all your assistance in getting thus far.

Head of Finance, British Deaf Association

I have worked with Kevin Fallows from time to time over the past four years. He has subsequently enabled us to substantially reduce costs. I have always found him to be extremely helpful and approachable

Company Secretary, Fleurets

Having identified historic billing errors on our electricity invoicing, Kevin went on to negotiate a significant five-figure savings for us in a very aggressive market. Without his knowledge and tenacity we would not have achieved anything near this on our own.

Interim Head of Finance, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

I thought we ran a very tight ship and I was initially skeptical of your ability to squeeze anything much out of our overheads. A year on and I am delighted to have been able to show my board an impressive table of savings made to date. I am now quite convinced that without your specialist expertise and dogged negotiating skills we would be poorer today.

Finance Director, Consolidated PR

Your way of working has been very hands-on and you not only provided us with extremely detailed analysis of our expenditure but have also taken time to understand our processes, requirements and aspirations. Your experience and professionalism has enabled RFIB to improve the quality of their operations as well as save money.

Operations Director, RFIB

Kevin delivered significant ongoing savings with minimal effort from ourselves

Chief Operations Officer, Scoot

I am pleased that Kevin found several areas of savings, improving our bottom line by tens of thousands of pounds per year, with minimal disruption to our business during the process and no reduction in the quality of services and products we receive.

Chief Financial Officer, Marketform

I would like to thank you for your assistance which has enabled us to achieve substantial savings

Administration Manager, Newman, Martin & Buchan

Thanks for your efforts, we wouldn’t have achieved these savings without your involvement.

Chief Financial Officer, Eviivo

Having assumed that we had competitive pricing with our suppliers, Kevin was able to negotiate additional savings without antagonising our incumbent suppliers or risking the relationships we had with them.

Finance Director, Cerillion Technologies

Kevin Fallows undertook a cost reduction assignment to reduce our stationery and electricity charges. This took place after the company believed it had procured the best possible pricing structure from the suppliers. Mr. Fallows goes about his business in a professional and resourceful manner.

Finance Director, Walker Crips

Your attention to detail has shown that we were missing opportunities to negotiate with our suppliers in a more informed and proactive fashion. Your patience in helping us update our purchasing procedure is very much appreciated.

Finance Director, High-Point Rendel

Kevin negotiated a very welcome five figure savings and identified and secured a significant £38,000 refund on electricity overcharging by our supplier

Financial Controller, Hicklin Slade & Partners

Mr. Fallows has always been extremely efficient and has shown great awareness of the specific requirements of our business. As a result of his work, we have achieved substantial savings. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies that may wish to make similar savings

Principal, St. Giles International

The substantial amounts saved are certainly in excess of what we could have achieved by re-negotiating contracts ourselves, simply because we do not have the same level of industry and supplier knowledge or the resources to devote to the process. Your efforts to work within our brief and take the time to understand how we operate have made this a very worthwhile and “painless” exercise.

Fincance Director, Elle

Kevin Fallows is a cost reduction consultant who has a history of working with Reliance dating back a number of years. He has already identified and negotiated some significant savings.

Finance Director, Reliance Care

I am writing to let you know how delighted we are at the cost savings you have been able to negotiate on our behalf. These have considerably exceeded my expectations and will make more than a useful contribution to the company’s profitability on an ongoing basis.

Finance Director, Fifth Avenue Holdings

We have worked with Kevin over the last year to deliver savings across our energy costs. This turned out to be a pretty tricky process but Kevin delivered significant ongoing savings with minimal effort from ourselves.

COO, Touchlocal.com